Saturday, May 14, 2011

About Thailand " The Land of Smile "

Amazing Thailand
Thailand, a land where people's faces are constantly painted with a smile , a land that is full of magical places that make you feel lost in time, a land that is rich in culture and natural heritage, and a land that allows you to listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the hills. Thailand is a tranquil oasis for people who want to experience a passion  for beauty manifest in different forms.

Secure in the land of peace, freedom, harmony and devotion to its beloved monarchy, the Kingdom complements a glorious centuries-old culture and rich natural diversity with a way of life that preserves a sense of calm and hospitality.

The uniqueness in Thai cuisines, architectures, languages, social customs and religions, coupled with the spectacular natural surroundings offer visitors a truly amazing experience. On white sandy beaches by emerald seas of the South or in green mountain forests of the North, visions can fool the warm welcome from the local people, making them fool at home. The sights, the sounds and the memories of the land and its people remain indelible in their thoughts.

Ranked well up in the list of the world's favorite travel destinations, Thailand has long been renowned for its rich variety of attractions. The Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT) aims to develop new and exciting experiences to the tourism of this Kingdom so that there is continuously something new for visits to discover.

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