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The History of Thailand part 2

Ayutthaya Period (1350 - 1767 A.D.)

Established by King U-Thong, Ayutthaya dominated many other Thai principalities and was regarded as one of the most progressive and wealthiest kingdoms during that period. Language, art and culture of Ayutthaya have been the base to the development of the unique Thai identity. After 417 years of prosperity, a Burmese invasion succeeded in capturing Ayutthaya, but Phraya Taksin and his troops broke through and expelled the Burmese soon after.

Thon Buri Period (1767 - 1782 A.D.)

After regaining control of the Kingdom, Phraya Taksin became King Taksin and transferred the capital from Ayutthaya to Thon Bun. The aftermath of Ayutthaya's collapse led to many dilemmas such as the constant battles with the Burmese and the uprising rebellion throughout the Kingdom. The rapid disintegration of Thon Buri marked the beginning of the Rattanakosin Period.

Rattanakosin Period (1782 A.D. to the Present)

Rattanakosin is the period that illustrates the change, development and prosperity of Thailand, mainly due to the capability and dedication of all the nine kings of the Chakri Dynasty. King Rama I established Bangkok as the capital city of Thailand and revived it to be as lively as Ayutthaya. The international relations with the Western nations and trade with China were developed during the reign of King Rama II and King Rama III, while many treaties with European countries and economics reforms were made by King Rama IV. One of the most important changes happened during the reign of King Rama V, which is the abolishing of slavery and the improving of public welfare and administrative system. The compulsory education system was introduced in the period of King Rama VI, followed by the change of the country's ruling system from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy in the period of King Rama VII. The country's name changed from Siam to "Thailand" with the advent of democratic government during the period of King Rama VIII. Thailand's present king, King Rama IX or King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the world's longest serving current head of the state and the longest serving monarch in the Thai history, which has developed many Royal projects to improve the life of Thai people and is the father figure of all Thai nationals.

Source: Thailand Travel Manual (TAT)

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