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The History of Thailand part 1

The History

The astonishing histry of Thailand is visible to the eyes and hearts of every visitor through the glorious remnants of former kingdoms that rose and fell during the centuries. The earliest archaeological signs of human habitation in Thailand can be found in the Northeast hamlets of Ban Chiang and Ban Prasat where evidence of rice cultivation dates back to 4000 BC. Thailand is also credited for fostering the worlds earliest Bronze Age civilization during this period. Thousands of years later. three major groups of people - Mon, Khmer, and Thai migrated south from China to Thailand. The Mon settled in present day Myanmar, the Khmer settled in what is now Cambodia, and the Thais by 1200 had established dominance in three northern Thai states: Lanna, Sukhothai and Phayao. Throughout its 800-year history, Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that never to have been colonized. Its amazing history is divided into five major periods:

Nanchao Period (650 - 1250 A.D.) 

The Thai Kingdom was founded and flourished in the southern part of China, which is the present day Yunnan, Kwansi and Canton provinces. A great number of people migrated south as far as the Chao Phraya Basin and settled under the sovereignty of the Khmer Empire in the Central Plains. The area was ruled by the powerful Khmer, whose culture is the influence of the fundamental Thai culture.

Sukhothai Period (1238 - 1378 A.D.) 

Sukhothai or "the dawn of happiness" is considered the first independent Thai state and the beginning of Thai kingdom when it was freed from Khmer power in 1238. Sukhothai was referred to as the golden era of the Thai history through the prosperity of power, economy, arts and culture. Some of the most significant developments in this period are the first written historical record and the invention of Thai alphabets by the famous King Ramkamhaeng. However, Sukhothai declined its power and eventually subdued to Ayutthaya in 1350.

Source: Thailand Travel Manual (TAT)

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