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Recommendation to Aliens While Staying in the Kingdom

Recommendation to Aliens While Staying in the Kingdom
When completing the stay of 90 days in the Kingdom, the alien should report to the relevant authority and repeat it every 90 days with the immigration officer in the alien's residential area, or report to the police station if there is no immigration control in his/her home area. The alien can report to the competent authority by post by sending report form “Tor Mor 47" together with copies of the pages in the traveler’s passport that show the aIien’s
photograph, personal details and the latest visa arrival stamp as well as a self—addressed stamped envelope with postage affixed no later than seven days before the date due to the Immigration Bureau. ln case of conducting any following reports, the Reply Form for the previous report shall be enclosed.

At the end of the one—year stay, the alien who wishes to extend his/her stay shall submit a request for the extended period at the Office of the Immigration Bureau with documented evidence of:

- Money transfers, or 
- A deposit account in Thailand, or
- An income certificate of not less than 800,000 baht, or
- An income certificate plus a deposit account with not less than 800,000 baht a year.

Extensions for one year at a time will be granted to applicants at the discretion of the Immigration officer, provided that they meet the requirements earlier stated. lf the alien’s spouse wishes to extend his/her stay as well, the marriage certificate will also be required. 

source: Thailand Travel Manual 2009-2010 by TAT

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