Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thai Classical Music and Dance

Thai Classical Music :
Bang Pa-In Summer Palace,Ayutthaya, Hun Lakhon LekOriginated in the Sukhothai era, and consists of three different ensembles namely Pi Phat, Khruang Sal and Mahori. Pi Phat is a tuned percussion ensemble which accompanies theater performances and boxing matches where as Khruang Sal is the percussion and wind instrument ensemble mainly used for indoor performances. Mahori is the combination of instruments from Pi Phat and Khruang Sal ensemble. It includes the delicate three string fiddle or So Sam Sal and often accompanies by a vocalist.

Khon : The unique classical masked dance requires great skills and extensive training. It was originally performed only in the royal court, proving the exclusiveness of this type of dance. The scenes of the traditional Khon are from the episodes in Thai literature based on the Indian Ramayana epic.

Nang Yai : A shadow play originated from the South. The puppets are made of leather pierced with a decorative pattern to depict a particular scene in the story. The story is told by singing, reciting, and by moving the puppet figures.

Nang Talung : Another version of the shadow play similar to Nang Yai but using smaller puppets. Nang Talung is accompanied by folk ensemble of oboe, drums and gongs.

Hun Lakhon Lek : The traditional Thai small puppets that are rarely seen today. The elaborate puppets and their handlers dance in synchronized movements and communicate with the audience in a playful manner.

Likae : The folk performance with uncomplicated story lines which often performed at villages as community gatherings. The performance is accompanied by traditional music, dance, and comedy.

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