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Thai Food Style

The Food

Thai CuisineThai food is one of the most famous and most enjoyed cuisines around the world. The charm of Thai cuisine is the variety of ingredients that combines harmoniously for the taste and the use of herbs and spices that adds therapeutic value to the dish. A fertile, tropical country, Thailand has never suffered from a lack of food resources. Thai food is always healthy because of the use of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fresh herbs and spices. The Kingdom has a long history of using herbs for healing and preventive medicine, and this is reflected in the ways in which food is prepared.

Pad Thai (Thai Fried Noodles)
The uniqueness of Thai food is not only on the food itself, but also on how people enjoy the authentic cuisine. The art of Thai cuisine is the exquisite combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy, and then furnished with stunning aromas and delicate presentation. A typical Thai meal will include rice, fish, soup, spicy salad, vegetables, and sometimes a meat dish, either pork, chicken or beef. Thai cuisine combines the best of both Chinese and Indian culinary traditions - noodles, curries, sweet and sour dishes, and exotic spices.

Thod Mun Pla Krai (Fish Cake)
One of the most important social events in Thai life is dining as it is the time when people can be with a good company while enjoying the exotic taste of different dishes. Traditionally, all the dishes are served at once during Thai meal. When dining Thai cuisine, the utensils are spoons and forks, all the dishes are placed in the center of the table and diners take their choice from the shared dishes and add it to their own plate of rice.

Somtam (Papaya Salad)
The exotic flavors of Thai food can be found everywhere in Thailand, and each region has its own culinary specialties, cooking styles and ingredients. From roadside stalls to fine dining restaurants, visitors can experience many different styles and flavors of the country.

source: Thailand Travel Manual by TAT

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